Australian and Pacific College of Clinical Hypnotherapy

Australian and Pacific College of Clinical Hypnotherapy

“Helping therapists help their clients.”

Welcome to the Australian and Pacific College of Clinical Hypnotherapy, a training school specialising in teaching Clinical Hypnotherapy with Psychotherapy, and providing additional courses for ongoing education to the profession.

Are you looking for a way to help people get over their problems and make positive changes to their lives? Are you looking to increase your skills or a career change? Then this course could be your answer. Read on…

Australian and Pacific College of Clinical Hypnotherapy

 The Australian and Pacific College of Clinical Hypnotherapy (also well known as the Queensland based Australian College of Clinical Hypnotherapy, ACCH) offers you the opportunity to learn how to use clinical hypnotherapy and psychotherapy to create rapid, positive changes in behaviour.

The Clinical Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy Training* is a comprehensive course, using a combination of modern techniques, practical hands-on experience, lectures and discussions, teaching you how to treat the cause of the problem, not just the symptoms. It shows the practical ways to set up successful business, assess clients, formulate appropriate therapies, and easily induce the hypnotic state to create change. And now the course also includes the unique SEU Consolidation Training.

  Learn how to deal with the realities of clients –  from the time they walk in the door, to the time they leave.

Clinical Hypnotherapy

 Now recognised worldwide as an accepted and effective form of therapeutic treatment, Clinical Hypnotherapy has proven to be effective in creating change in certain behaviours and attitudes, including smoking, weight loss, anxiety, stress, other addictions, motivation and pain control.

Not only does this course teach you the understanding of the processes and principles of hypnotherapy, but most importantly, you will turn theory into practice, increasing your level of confidence and expertise in the application of hypnotherapy.

The Australian and Pacific College of Clinical Hypnotherapy, based on the Gold Coast, has been offering specialised Hypnotherapy Training to therapists in Australia for over 20 years. Many successful students have used it to improve their existing skills or to gain their Hypnotherapy qualification.

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*The Australian and Pacific College of Clinical Hypnotherapy (APCCH) is a private college with no government funding. The APCCH is recognised by the Hypnotherapy Council of Australia (HCA) as a member educational organisation providing hypnotherapy training. The HCA is the peak body for the hypnotherapy profession, and sets minimum standards for its member organisations. The APCCH exceeds those standards. The APCCH is not a government registered training organisation, nor has it applied for, nor does it intend to apply for,  government recognition or registration of its courses or providers.

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2019 Clinical Hypnotherapy Training begins in June.

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