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The Clinical Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy Training* is designed for both existing professionals and new therapists who are looking for powerful techniques to assist others to overcome their problems. Numbers are limited in each course to provide more effective face to face training. And we believe that face to face training in hypnotherapy is critical for success as a practitioner.

Hypnotherapy has long been recognised as a direct and powerful means of creating change through accessing the mechanisms of the subconscious mind. When united with Psychotherapy, it offers clients greater assistance in overcoming both the cause and the symptoms of their problem.

Practical application of a combination of these has consistently shown greater impact and success than each of these therapies alone.


What is special about this course?

This unique Australian and Pacific College of Clinical Hypnotherapy course is practical and down to earth, and its success is measured by the proven ability of graduates to put into practice what they have learned during their studies. This course is a combination of theory and constant practical application of modern techniques with a strict Code of Ethics, while under professional supervision. It also gives practical insight into the realities of overcoming client problems and current therapeutic challenges. More course details…

The extended training format allows easier assimilation of information, and additional practise time to refine the practical skills. And now qualified graduates follow up their training with the unique Skills Enhancement Unit to consolidate and extend their initial training. This special addition to the course allows graduates to further enhance their skills, increase their level of competency and confidence, and introduces awareness of additional tools.

Our graduates are eligible to apply for membership of recognised hypnotherapy associations, such as Australian Association of Clinical Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy Inc (AACHP), Australian Hypnotherapists Association (AHA)  and the Professional Clinical Hypnotherapists of Australia Inc (PCHA).


Community expectations are higher now than they have been in years as the word of the success from use of hypnotherapy spreads. And so the our course now covers an even wider range of foundation information to deal with a variety of situations, and helps the hypnotherapy student learn to understand how to put therapy together, rather than the “one size fits all’ approach of scripts. More course details…     Course Dates…

If you want to know more, you can come to a personal information session where questions about the course, its expected outcomes and suitability will be discussed. Date of next course – Begins June 2019.

To enquire about enrolling or an information session, click here or call Margaret Kelly on 07 5535 8462.

Practical application of a combination of these techniques has consistently shown greater impact and success that each of these therapies alone.

NEW! Skills Enhancement Unit (SEU).

The Australian and Pacific College of Clinical Hypnotherapy on the Gold Coast is one of the only hypnotherapy colleges in Australia offering a vital consolidation course for students to review and strengthen skills learnt in their initial hypnotherapy training.

SEU training is three days of extra value for those who have successfully passed the Clinical Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy Training. Graduates return approximately two months after their graduation, and enjoy the opportunity to build on both their initial training and post graduation experiences. This creates better professional skill and confidence.

Students will get the opportunity to enhance their practical skills, discuss their progress to date, increase their awareness of profiling tools and other factors that affect success.

Next SEU course dates:  December 2019

Venue:  Gold Coast, Queensland.

Cost: Included in the full Clinical Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy Training Course.

If you are a past graduate of APCCH or ACCH, cost of SEU will be given on application. To enquire about enrolling, click here or call Margaret Kelly on 07 5535 8462.

The aim of the Skills Enhancement Unit is to increase the skills taught in the original Clinical Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy Training. As such, it is done two months after graduation so there has been time for real world experience of working with clients.



*The Australian and Pacific College of Clinical Hypnotherapy (APCCH) is a private college with no government funding. The APCCH is recognised by the Hypnotherapy Council of Australia (HCA) as a member educational organisation providing hypnotherapy training. The HCA is the peak body for the hypnotherapy profession, and sets minimum standards for its member organisations. The APCCH exceeds those standards. The APCCH is not a government registered training organisation, nor has it applied for, nor does it intend to apply for,  government recognition or registration of its courses or providers.

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