Australian and Pacific College of Clinical Hypnotherapy

Entry Requirements

A genuine desire to help people overcome problems is a must.

Maturity brings valuable wisdom which is important for any therapist. So we look for people who are independent, willing to learn, but also have lots of life experience. While many school leavers may be interested in this course, it is far better suited to, and more successful for the more ‘seasoned’ adult.

At the Australian and Pacific College of Clinical Hypnotherapy, our years of experience in teaching Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy courses have shown how important it is that people looking to do this hypnotherapy course are well grounded in life. They may have many years of full-time working experience, or, perhaps have raised families, and survived many of life’s adult challenges.

You may be a mature person still active and searching for mental stimulation and a way to help people. Or maybe you are looking for career change and want to move in a new and exciting direction. Or perhaps you have a background in counselling, other complementary therapies, or management.

Every applicant is considered on their merits.

After an initial discussion with the college on the phone, interested people can make an appointment to discuss the hypnotherapy course and its requirements at a personal information session. This provides the opportunity for questions to be answered, and the course, its expectations and outcomes to be discussed in more detail.

Essentially, Clinical Hypnotherapy is a self-employed profession, with flexible hours, and scope for specialising in areas of interest if desired. As a qualified Clinical Hypnotherapist, graduates usually start to build their practice straight away. Some therapists decide to use clinical hypnotherapy as an additional methodology for their practice. Others come to the profession to specialise in it. Some prefer to keep their practice as a Clinical Hypnotherapist as a part-time endeavour. Others build their business to a full time practice, which can be worked flexibly around their life circumstances.

This profession offers the ability to make your work fit your lifestyle, and gives you the freedom to adjust your hours to suit changes in your circumstances if and when they occur, enabling lifestyle balance.

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Hypnotherapy can be an extremely rewarding profession, in which you may be able to use hypnosis to help many clients successfully overcome life’s hurdles. Your life experience and a genuine desire to help people is essential. If that sounds like you, then talk to us about whether hypnotherapy could be the right direction for you.

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